Open Senior Championship of Oberfranken 2018

18.06. - 26.06.2018

18 players started the edition 2017, Gerhard Schmidt is #1 in the players list. After some games it looks like a run between Schmidt and Waltenberger but finally Wolfgang Bullert made it to the top!

Paarungen der Runde #1, Runde #2 , Runde #3 ,Runde #4

Announcement 2018

Pairings round 1
Pairings round 2
Pairings round 3
Pairings round 4
Pairings round 5
Pairings round 6
Pairings round 7
Pairings round 8
Pairings round 9
  • Bullert-Waltenberger
  • Gruppe
  • Keeve
  • Krumland-Kuenne
  • Kumeth-Drosson
  • Stadtfuehrung-Bayreuth
  • Tablequiz
  • Waltenberger-Schmidt
  • Kurpiela-Bullert
Bullert-Waltenberger1 Gruppe2 Keeve3 Krumland-Kuenne4 Kumeth-Drosson5 Stadtfuehrung-Bayreuth6 Tablequiz7 Waltenberger-Schmidt8 Kurpiela-Bullert9

The Open Senior Championship takes place in Hotel Kaiseralm in Bischofsgrün from 10. to 18.7.2017.
Link to announcement Players born 1961 and earlier will compete for the title. Since 2009 the tournament is played here and has left a lot of good memories to the participants. Thanks to Ludwig Wawrinsky you can see a lot of pictures here Ludwig Wawrinsky.

Saal Franz Josef

The winners get a cup, the best player from Oberfranken will get a cup as well. The tournament will be calculated for DWZ and ELO. Entry fees 30 euros.

Hotel Kaiseralm in Bischofsgrün

Registration on 10.7.2017, 13 to 14 o clock. Start of first round: 14.30, all further games at 9:00. Prize giving ceremony on 18.7.2017. Time control: 40 moves /2 hours, then 30 minutes each for the rest of the game. Cups for places 1 to 3, but also every participant will get a valuable present!
Schwimmbad im Hotel

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